Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'll have a shot of Robitussin... oh heck, make it a double!

So, last night, I was going to bed and all of a sudden, this headache kicked in (the Warm One would roll his eyes at this point, but it wasn't one of *those* headaches, it felt more sinus-y -slash- kind-of-headaches). I thought about taking some kind of allergy stuff for it... benadryl? Tylenol Cold? Robitussin? Anyway, I made some kind of comment about it, and the stupid tickly cough I was starting to get, and the drippy nose, then put cold stuff on my noggin, snuggled up to the Warm One, and fell asleep. Or, tried to. But, at some point, instead of falling asleep, one or the other of us started doing the chat thing that is endearing and important to long-term relationships --- but oh-so-difficult to do at, say, 1:30 a.m. when there are Mini's who will be up by 7 a.m. But, still, it started.

The conversation revolved around an old friend who had just had not one, not two, but three brand-new babies (all at once, mind you...!), and my promises to the Mini-est that we might do something "fun" tomorrow - and her quick response that she hoped it would involve her favorite babysitter and boy-toy coming over to play (hello, cuteness and tug at heart-strings!), and whatever pillowtalk is whispered amongst couples who've been together long enough to be best friends but not too long to lose whatever it is that keeps things interesting.

"Good god, I would die if we ever decide to have one more, and there ended up being more than one in there..." I start.


We have had this discussion before. The Warm One has bartered with me, wanting to get "The Snip"; I have firmly declined these offers, even though two Mini's is starting to feel more and more like the 'right' number. But, yet.... a soft, sweet, snuggly little someone... someday... might that be something to think about... one day... when the bigger Mini's are in school... maaaaybbbeee....

I'm just not ready for any finality on that subject yet.

But, I digressed already. The thought of having multiples, made me think of having a baby later in life, and/or having a baby after having issues getting pregnant ... sometimes needing a little "help" (which in turn sometimes leads to a little extra likelihood of having more than one baby, if you know what I mean). And those thoughts - remember, it was getting to be two a.m. at this time, and I really, really wanted to be asleep - rolled forwarded a couple more of those sparkly little glass beads of midwifery wisdom that I've been picking up. So, after much ado, here you are!

On Baby-Making Help:
Having trouble getting that " + " to show up? In addition to learning about your cycle, when you ovulate, and planning your lovin' around that...

* Throw back 2 teaspoons of Robitussin three times daily five days before you O, and the day you ovulate. (If you aren't sure when you O, and have a fairly regular 30-day cycle, try 2 tsp 3x/day on days 10-20) . Plain old Robitussin - nothing fancy, nothing added - works to thin out the cervical mucus, making it easier for the egg and sperm to meet. Who knew?! (Okay, to be fair, it seems like I learned this at some point in school, but they throw so much at you then it doesn't even count)

* You might as well... do the deed, get down & dirty, have intercourse, get intimate, do the nasty, light some candles and make it all romantic-like, have sexual relations, do like yo' mamma and daddy did, etc, etc --- on most of those same days as well. (If you know for a fact that your own Warm One has a low-count, this may impact how frequently you engage in these activities - but otherwise - make it fun, not a business!)

* Take a pill! (No, seriously). Sometimes, hopping on the pill for a few months - long enough to regulate your periods and get you ovulating - can definitely help, and it's incredible how fertile most women are when they drop off the pill. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

* Have some good, expensive wine and dark, dark chocolates. I have nothing to support this, but it definitely will help, I promise.

On second thought, though, I'll keep my long-term 99.9% birth control in place, and one of y'all can happily have my double shot of Robitussin today.

And for the love of whoever you pray to, sacrifice to, or pay taxes or health care bills to - this is a blog, not a medical advice or triage page. Don't rely on it for your health care needs, it's simply my own observations and thoughts, based on what I have seen and heard. If you are dealing with these issues, your best bet is to see your doctor or (ahem) very reputable, qualified certified nurse-midwife or nurse-practitioner. thank you for not suing me for being silly about it.

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