Monday, January 24, 2011

A shout-out for some sweet creativity...

This is a shameless post to thank some folks who are amazingly more creative than I am (thank goodness). As part of my clinical requirements, I need to have a certain number of "continuity" clients - ones that I follow throughout their prenatal course, welcome their baby, and then visit after the birth.

Now, the last part is the part that has bothered me ever since I found out about this requirement. Home visits themselves don't scare me; I've been doing them as a maternal/child health nurse; no sweat! But the thought of basically inviting myself into the homes of these mothers because I need to (not because it is specifically a part of their standard care regimen) - well, that seems awkward to me. The same part of me that feels like I've been imposing on them by being a student "outsider" all along doesn't want to intrude on their home as they are adjusting to new parenthood; I tell all my new moms (as a nurse and as a SNM), "No visitors unless they bring meals or plan to do some housework or laundry for you!". New babies = not having to have a spotless house or put on makeup or entertain company. I worry that if I ask to come visit, that is exactly what these new mama's (and papa's) will feel obligated - consciously or not - to do.

I'm crossing my fingers, of course, that they won't feel this way, and honestly - I don't think it really will be so bad at all. I have a few couples in mind - they are lovely, and we have great rapport. (In fact, I think I will call one of them tomorrow morning to see if I can stop in and say hello!) Buuuuttt..... just to soothe my own silly self, I decided that bringing a little something - totally not indicated by the requirements (and not something that I will use as a a bribe when asking if I can stop by!) - to thank mama and babe both for letting me share in their intimate journey in the first place, and then for allowing me to have another peek into their precious first few days at home. So, I asked the freakishly fantastic folks on (check out the "Alchemy" tab) to help me come up with the perfect, sweet little - but yet inexpensive, for my poor student budget! - somethings... here's what I found:

Thanks to Corrine & Kelly at Nesting Project ( for designing these *spectacular* and funky onesies for 'my' babes, who will no doubt wear them with pride. Soon I will (hopefully) post pictures of the fuzzy, soft little beanies and cozy little earflap hats that a few other Etsians - JadedFlower (, I Crochet Creations (, Precious Elaine (, and My Friend Ginger ( all were excellent to work with and made the sweetest little baby head-warmers you could imagine for me --- thank you to them! I will try to get some pics up!


  1. love love love this idea. If you get cheaper to order in bulk let me know, I might go in with you if you don't mind. YOu are so smart at finding these cute little things.

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I enjoyed making it for you, and it kind of meant something to me since I delivered both of mine with a midwife and it was the best decision! I love your shirt!