Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

It's seriously 99 degrees outside, with a heat index (whatever that is) another 10-15 degrees hotter. Wooooohooo. Swimming sounds amazing, no!?

At least in a symbolic sense (or a Finding Nemo sense), that's what I'm doing. I'm not sinking, I'm not thrashing wildly trying to get through these last few weeks of clinicals, and I'm doing more - at least, I think so - than just treading water. The end is in sight! I've just crossed the 600 hr mark (out of 675 required hours) of clinical experience; most of my numbers are met or very close. "Dee" keeps throwing this hope-rope to me about submitting a proposal to her administrators to add another midwife to her practice; several of her doctors are on board and supportive. I am so comfortable working with Dee, and with the women she sees - I think we are both praying that things work out and they (administration, that is) agree that expanding her midwifery practice would be beneficial all around. I also just had a phone interview - or at least, a short chat - with a midwife from another midwifery practice about an hour and a half from my home... it was encouraging and again gave me hope for a job opportunity in the near future.

So, while I'm trying desperately not to get too excited about any of these possibilities - and trust me, I really want to get excited... how great would it be to stay within an hour or so of our families?? - it does allow me to drift into the occasional daydream. House hunting... comparing elementary schools... thinking about future vacations and scheduling considerations... and, oh yeah, maybe a paycheck! (This whole "9 months of clinicals and little working" thing has really, really hurt our finances... I think anyone who's been in this spot can commiserate!)

Two more weeks - give or take - of clinicals; one more assignment (a client journal that I should have had done long ago, but had to start all over after the abrupt change in clinical sites); several uber-important tests. It's not that much, especially considering how far I've come this far - but when I look at it that way, it can easily overwhelm me. So, instead --- I'll just keep swimming.

(And, on a side-note, I'll keep looking forward to the end of September, when I will hopefully be an official nurse-midwife, and celebrating in Punta Cana...)

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  1. Wish I could celebrate in Punta Cana:( But, my new job will be too new to leave that soon. Your job will come and be the perfect one for you. It would be nice as you say to have it not so far from "home" (family and friends). I, however, will be planning many trips home but do believe I am going to love my place that is only 15 HOURS away. So glad you are almost done. The end is in sight, keep up the GREAT work. At the rate this is going you will probably take boards before me (rolls eyes and laughs).