Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winner, winner...

... Chicken dinner?!

Sorry to post late, but I promise I really did determine the lucky pendant winner on 2/28 as promised. And, according to the roll of the lucky pinkish-red die (it was a nice, small pool of commenters & "likers", so this worked out perfectly!), I'm looking forward to packaging up something pretty and sending it to ...

(( drumroll please ... ))

Reply #1 (it truly is the 1 spot on the die, despite the awful pic making it possible to see --- congrats Rixa!!

But wait!! Since everyone posted such lovely comments & I need an excuse to avoid laundry (shhhh --- don't tell the Warm One!) any of you all who posted a reply or commented/shared on FB about or since the initial "birthy beauty" post will receive a little something with my thanks!

To do so, though, I could use a bit of direction... So email me your mailing address at within the next 7 days. I promise I won't stalk your home, spam your email, or otherwise abuse this info :)

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