Monday, March 4, 2013



If you've felt the release of the shoulders
then the weight of your babe in your arms...

If you've caught a nine pound son,
or the tears in his father's eye...

If you've grasped the hand of a laboring mom,
then stroked the silky hair so long awaited...

If you've walked away soaked to the knees in birth,
filled to the brim with hope and light...

If you've waited hours and hours with those unknown to you,
then rejoiced alongside to meet the one newest to all...

If you've met the eye of the wise, scared, strong mama,
and seen the deep wisdom in her new babe's gaze...

... then you have had a delicious delivery.

This is one of my *favorite* birth images... I don't know if it has an actual name, but is attributed to Ina May Gaskin and (I believe) the book Spiritual Midwifery. (Which reminds me, I am soooo overdue to do some good, non-work-related reading...!) Someday, sadly enough for the Warm One, this will end up permanently inked somewhere on my skin. The question is, where...???

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